Solutions that transform
data in results

Intelligent IoT Technology that collects
and analyses strategic information.

We face challenges
with tailor made solutions.

Tested and approved technology:

Devices with ultra low cost handling and maintenance to remotely collect data with high autonomy and high wireless range connection.

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Automation to transform
data in intelligence

Proprietary Lab

We deliver equipment in compliance with most national and international certifications

Our lab is dedicated to the development of autonomous devices to meet the highest sensible levels of demand.

IoT Specialized Networks

We implement solutions to the networks of dedicated operators (IoT) or proprietary infrastructure

Integrated connection with dedicated IoT networks, ultra low cost, with small data traffic and long range.

Computational layer

We have our own environment or we have developed a customized for reception and processing of the data

Dynamic treatment of real-time data with high-capacity back-end processing.

Along with your system

We adapt our technology to your system delivering a more convenient operational interface

Dynamism in integration with enterprise management systems, such as ERPs and specific process control systems.

Excellence management
is done with organized information

Optimize performance and preview scenarios with predictive analysis based in concrete data generated by your operation.

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Where there is data,
there is knowledge to be explored

Due to the versatility of the developed solutions,
we serve several segments and specific needs.

Smart City

Smart City

Technologies that provide urban centers being developed with coherence.

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Raise productivity by undermining uncertainty scenarios.

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Control the use and performance of machines to improve results.

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Plug and play wireless devices,
up to 12 years of autonomy
and integrated with your tools.

Understand why the digital transformation of IoT technology
is critical to truly efficient management practices.

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The success of your business depends
on reading and interpretation
of data that it produces

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