Better results for
the agribusiness.

Turn field data into information
to generate more revenue.

No extra investment
with infrastructure.

Turn in money the data that is generated
by the routine of their operations.


Connects with proprietary network or with a IoT network

Plug & Play

Easy to install


Long years of wireless operation.


Adaptable to your existing control systems.



Have full control over the herd, with identification, weighing,
tracking and behavioral indicators.

  • Real-time herd control data

    Greater herd performance, saving time and money for the cattle rancher. Read more

  • Predictive behavioral diagnosis

    More results with the improvement of cattle conditions. Read more

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Collect more results with technological solutions of sensing and monitoring.

  • Soil and crop status

    Less random spending and more assertiveness in supplies usage. Read more

  • Climate in favor of results

    Better understating of climate patterns to help improve the decision making process. Read more

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Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Minimize losses, optimize processes and maximize results.
Connected equipment ensures better results.

  • Performance and operational efficiency

    Predictive maintenance focused in cost effectiveness. Read more

  • Operational automation

    More productivity and fewer interruptions. Read more

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Improve the cultivation of several species with full-control of the environmental factors.

  • Water quality

    Handling best practices to coordinate actions for fish farming. Read more

  • Preservation of water supply

    From diagnosis of the operational machines, through the control of the volume and constancy of the supply. Read more

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Plug and play wireless devices,
up to 12 years of autonomy
and integrated with your tools.

Understand why the digital transformation of IoT technology
is critical to truly efficient management practices.

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