Achieve better results
in mall management.

Reduce costs and increase revenue
using intelligent sensing.

No extra investment
with infrastructure.

Turn in money the data that is generated
by the routine of their operations.


Connects with proprietary network or with a IoT network

Plug & Play

Easy to install


Long years of wireless operation.


Adaptable to your existing control systems.

Parking Management

Parking Management

Monitoring traffic, stay in cars and vacancies with a autonomous real-time sensor.

  • Vacancies status

    Vacancies distribution with accurate information for drivers. Read more

  • Traffic control

    Traffic flow and direction within the parking lot. Read more

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Temperature and PMOC

Temperature and PMOC

Take temperature measurements and do predictive maintenance in compliance with the law.

  • Temperature measurement

    Real-time temperature monitoring with high accuracy Read more

  • Maintenance, operation and control

    Routine planning of actions to meet legal compliance. Read more

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Energy Performance

Energy Performance

Reduce costs with energy, avoiding failures and previewing critical consumption scenarios.

  • Reduction consumption

    Improve savings with the development of proactive, predictive and prescriptive actions. Read more

  • Operational efficiency

    Measurement of energy performance levels to define efficient consumption profiles. Read more

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Water Usage

Water Usage

Improve operational efficiency by applying autonomous sensing to the water supply and distribution process.

  • Waste disposal

    Predictability in the management of the resource, preserving the best practices of sustainability. Read more

  • Control of reservoirs

    Level monitoring, consumption and activation of the reservoir pumps. Read more

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Plug and play wireless devices,
up to 12 years of autonomy
and integrated with your tools.

Understand why the digital transformation of IoT technology
is critical to truly efficient management practices.

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