Smart cities
with efficient management.

Promote improvements in the well being of the
population and in the management of urban centers.

No extra investment
with infrastructure.

Turn in money the data that is generated
by the routine of their operations.


Connects with proprietary network or with a IoT network

Plug & Play

Easy to install


Long years of wireless operation.


Adaptable to your existing control systems.

Traffic and Mobility

Traffic and Mobility

Real-time monitoring that helps to drive the movement of people and goods inside urban centers.

  • Traffic planning and forecasting

    Information database to help decision making process about displacements. Read more

  • Occupation of vacancies and roads diagnosis

    Dynamic management of vacancies and traffic conditions during the day. Read more

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Strategic Management

Strategic Management

Discover how data leverages the efficient use of resources and help in making sensitive decisions.

  • Energy efficiency and environmental indicators

    Resource economy and interpretation of climate phenomenon. Read more

  • People displacement and residue collection

    Less displacement time in favor of the population and the services provided. Read more

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Disaster Prevention

Disaster Prevention

Collect real-time data to prevent risks and guarantee immediate help during major disasters.

  • Landslide

    Monitoring, warning and alarm to avoid tragedies in inhabited areas. Read more

  • Floodings

    Intelligence in the perception of risk in extreme climatic situations. Read more

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Water Usage

Water Usage

Remotely monitor all flow, from collection to distribution, identifying and eliminating waste throughout the chain.

  • Disposal of waste and control of reservoirs

    Quality and recurrence of controlled supply in real time. Read more

  • Performance of collection, treatment and distribution machinery

    Monitoring of level, consumption and activation of reservoir pumps. Read more

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Plug and play wireless devices,
up to 12 years of autonomy
and integrated with your tools.

Understand why the digital transformation of IoT technology
is critical to truly efficient management practices.

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